About Me

headshot - 330x330My name is John Morris.  I am a sailing instructor and mechanical engineering student.  I am also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society, and recently received the national “Excellence in Instruction” award from the United States Sailing Association for my work at the Leo Robbins Community Sailing Center.  On most weekends, I can be found either sharing my knowledge and passion for boating with students, or simply messing about on boats.

When shackled to the shore and I don’t have my head in a textbook, I’m a dedicated tech-enthusiast.  I have created and currently manage several websites and social media profiles.  I have also designed and published apps to the Windows Store, and build, program, and tinker with computers, smartphones, and other similar gadgets.  If a gaget’s operation hinges on the flow of electrons through its circuits, I most likely have one, or would love to get my hands on one.


This site is my personal website.  It serves as a hub for me to collect and display the various projects I work on, tips and skills I’ve learned, ramblings on the things in my head, and more.    If you like what you find, feel free to contact me or hire me to do… something.


Comic by AbstruseGoose.com.  All credit goes to the author.