Fix For 100% Hard Disk Usage at Logos in Titanfall PC Game

I just purchased the video game Titanfall for PC through EA’s Origin software.  After the 50GB download and lengthy game installation, I fired up the game to play, and was met with the game effectively freezing at the EA logo.

It would advance slowly.  About 1 frame every 15 seconds.  After some investigation, I saw in the Windows Task Manager and Resource Monitor that Titanfall was writing to my hard drive at 100% capacity.

Now I don’t have the fastest hard drives in the world, but I have two decent drives in a striped RAID configuration, so this should not be happening.


It took about 2 hours of Googling before I found someone with the same problem.  And fortunately, someone had a fix that worked for me.


It’s a bug with origin’s recent update to the overlay. Right click the game, properties, and disable origin in-game.


So if you’re having this problem, Google no more.


Open Origin.  Browse to “My Games,” right-click on Titanfall, click “Game Properties,” check “Disable Origin in Game for this game,” and finally click “Apply.”

Game Properties     Disable Origin Overlay


Worked like a champ for me.

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