Fix For DB-Toolkit DatePicker Not Working

This post describes a solution to a broken date picker dropdown in the DB-Toolkit plugin for WordPress.  This problem is present with the following versions of relevant software:

WordPress v3.5.2
DB Toolkit WordPress Plugin v0.3.3 and v0.3.2.026


DB Toolkit is an amazing plugin for WordPress that dramatically increases the power of WordPress as a generic content management system as opposed to a blog oriented content management system.  It allows you to create custom, database driven “applications” and “interfaces” that are automatically tied into WordPress admin tools.  However, I want to address a serious bug I have discovered.

Unfortunately, depending on which version of the plugin you use, the fix is different.  As of today (July 6, 2013), the two most prevalent versions of the plugin in distribution are versions and 0.3.3.  The fix for is a bit more complex, and is detailed farther down in the post (click here to go to it).  The fix for 0.3.3 is detailed immediately below.