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Fix For 100% Hard Disk Usage at Logos in Titanfall PC Game

I just purchased the video game Titanfall for PC through EA’s Origin software.  After the 50GB download and lengthy game installation, I fired up the game to play, and was met with the game effectively freezing at the EA logo. It would advance slowly.  About 1 frame every 15 seconds.  After some investigation, I saw in… Read more »

Fix: DB Toolkit PHP Error – Join Table Entries That Are Empty

This post describes a solution to problems with the following versions of the relevant tools: WordPress v3.5.1 DB Toolkit WordPress Plugin v0.3.2.026   I have been using the DB Toolkit plugin heavily to create a database driven website with integration into WordPress admin section.  I have stumbled upon several bugs and issues.  Those I can’t… Read more »

Fix For DB-Toolkit DatePicker Not Working

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This post describes a solution to a broken date picker dropdown in the DB-Toolkit plugin for WordPress.  This problem is present with the following versions of relevant software: WordPress v3.5.2 DB Toolkit WordPress Plugin v0.3.3 and v0.3.2.026   DB Toolkit is an amazing plugin for WordPress that dramatically increases the power of WordPress as a… Read more »